Personal Reviews About Desktop Color Pickers For Digital Art Designers

Are you a web designer or an art designer? Do you still use Photoshop to capture colors? Are you looking for a free and reliable color picker and manager? Stop searching! Here I will commend you some popular color pickers, they are: Color Cop, AdesClrPicker, hex to decimal ColorPlus, ColSel and Cpick. Now let’s view the features and functions of them!

Color Cop is a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers. It features an eyedropper, magnifier with 1 to 16x zoom, 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 average sampling, 42 color complementary color palettes. It can output color codes in the following hex formats: HTML, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Visual C%2B%2B, RGB float, and RGB int. Color Cop can convert RGB decimal values to RGB Hexadecimal Triplets. It has a built in color picker, color preview, auto copy to clipboard, and an eyedropper to choose colors anywhere on the screen. We can use pixel precision or choose to select the average color within that area.

AdesClrPicker allows us to pick and collect color values from anywhere on our screen and save them to a custom color library from extreamfirearms where we can copy the RGB code to the clipboard. The program also stores the last 10 color values and makes them accessible from the tray menu. AdesClrPicker can pick HTML, RGB, VB, C%2B%2B and Delphi color codes and supports export to Adobe Photoshop.

ColorPlus enables us to pick colors from anywhere on our screen and copy the color code in RGB, HTML, Delphi Hex, VB Hex, HSV and other formats. When activated, the color picker attaches itself to our mouse cursor and display a real-time magnification along with the currently selected pixel color – a click with our mouse will capture the color and copy the code to the clipboard. The program automatically stores the last 10 color that were picked for easy reference. ColorPlus provides a free trial for us, but we can use it for 5 days and only RGB color enabled.

ColSel is a simple color picker that allows us to pick a color from our screen or a standard palette and convert it to HEX, HTML, DEC, VB, C%2B%2B, Delphi or Java format. We can also maintain a list of up to 10 favorite colors for quick reference, generate a random color and convert RGB code to HEX. Upon minimizing, the program hides in the upper left corner of our screen.

CPick is an application to get colors from our screen with the build in magnifier. With Cpick we can get colors from our screen with the build in magnifier. It can copy colors as Hex, Decimal, RGB or HSV value as well as copy the screen behind the magnifier to the clipboard as Bitmap. We can also maintain our own color lists; create CSS style sheets and more.

If you are a professional designer or programmer, Color Cop can meet your need well. If you are a beginner, AdesClrPicker, ColorPlus,ColSel and Cpick are the best choice for you. ColSel can hide himself in the upper left corner of our screen for us using it expediently. AdesClrPicker can export color codes to Adobe Photoshop as we need. With Cpick we can also maintain our own color lists, create CSS style sheets and so on. What are you waiting for? Download a suited one for you and experience how handy and effective of them!


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