How to Get Tibia Items

Tibia is an exciting game if you learn all the ropes there are to learn in the game. This game has many levels all of which have different requirements. Whatever level you are on, mostori you must have the required strategy to gain different Tibia items. Below are some tips that will go a long way in enabling to not only buy and sell gold and other items, but to enjoy to the maximum. Nevertheless entering into this game as a first timer and without an idea of how to play it can sometimes be overwhelming thrilling as the excitement is always there. However, to gain expertise, there are some factors you must not attempt to overlook.

First, to get Tibia money, you have to know how to kill the monsters found in the game and how to get through the hurdles to guarantee launching yourself to the next level. Killing these little monsters needs a bit of some skills and strategy as well. Killing monsters in this game will earn a handsome amount of money. The most common monsters that you have to kill in order to make cash are rotworms. Rotworms normally give a maximum of 32gp, so you only need to get rid of a few of them and you will be making lots and a lot of tibia gold.

Furthermore, you also need to know some of the most important magic spells in the game of tibia if you hope to gain any tibia gold. This game is essentially all about magic, but you need to know all the right type of magic that will get you where and what you want. Whatever level you are on, you will need some magic spells to get some basics which are needed in the game. At the beginners’ level, you will need the magic spells to get things such as some ammunition, light and food. As your character advances up the game levels, For more info please visit these sites:- it will learn more and more magic spells and abilities which are all instrumental throughout this game.

There are many places where you can collect tibia money. Online stores offering tibia items are very many. However, this is not all good news since not all of these online stores are authentic. This means that you can get fake game stuff if you are not careful enough. To make sure that you are using an authentic website, you should look for the privacy policy and customer reviews. Good reviews are an indication that site has satisfactory services. A good website should be authorized by a recognizable body. If the website does not have any proof of proper authorization, you should look for another credible one. The website should also have 24 hour services. This means that you should be able to access the website’s services anytime you log in.


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