Kitchen Remodeling Ideas on a Budget: Cabinet Design

Often when a property changes hands, the new owners inherit the cabinets, appliances, and counters, animeloved which while new often lack important finishing touches. Are you looking at your kitchen space and dreaming of some serious upgrades? Perhaps you find yourself looking longingly, yet ruefully, at interior design magazines, intrigued by the ideas they spark that seem just slightly out of reach. If your kitchen is in need of a makeover on a budget we’ve put together some tips that can get the ideas flowing, without hemorrhaging your bank account.

Finishing the Space
To finish a kitchen that has great features (cabinets and counters), bterapiaberles but retains an awkward gap between the cabinet tops and the ceiling, an industrious and economical idea is to use a nontraditional element, such as upside down baseboards, that can bridge the space between molding and the cabinets.

Organized Pantry
Optimizing shelving space is especially appealing for kitchens where space is tight. One option to achieve maximum utility with tight space constraints is to transform a closet into a space efficient pantry.

Creating a Rustic Feel
The saying goes, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Original cabinetry can be given a touch of country charm by small changes, like switching out modern doors with whitewashed, salvaged vintage doors, distressed or glass-paned doors.

Coloring Your Kitchen
Rather than focusing on replacing your cabinets, a kitchen’s personality can be dramatically altered by switching out more homogenous or stock elements with repurposed surface elements (think salvaged doors, table tops, mirrors, or wood planking). To unify a theme with mix matched cabinets, simply paint them the same color. Cabinets and other fixtures can be found at a host of secondhand purveyors, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Another alternative would be to mix stock cabinets with secondhand elements – say drawers – to create whimsy and bring an element of surprise to your kitchen’s look. A uniform molding at the top or bottom of cabinets can hide unsightly inconsistencies. This is also a great way to create a retro or iconoclastic look. For more info please visit these sites:-

Mix and Matching
Alternating open shelving and cabinets makes for a signature effect: different and quirky, while accommodating various storage needs. A device from the ’50s that works well still is to use fabric paneling to conceal the lower portion of an open shelf with less-than-slightly objects in.

Old World Elegance Repurposed Elements
Antique elements, such as an old French wine cage or repurposed confection shop or bakery racks, can augment inadequate cabinet space, while giving an elegantly Old World panache to your space.

Creating Accents for Your Cabinetry
Is retro your thing? Looking to add some retro swag to your cabinets without a total makeover? Adding metal-rimmed labels to your cabinet doors, a touch that harkens back to boutiques from the 30s and earlier, can create an early 20th century effect on a shoestring.


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