How to Protect Your Fruit Trees From Animals

Fruit trees are just wonderful to grow for the home gardener. They provide so much; when planted close they can offer privacy, their appearance is a pleasure to look at and of course, inpix it is a joy to harvest the fruit. However, to be successful you will want to understand how animals can affect your trees.

Being successful does not just mean that you can have fruit for yourself, if one has enough fruit trees, one can keep what they wish and then sell the rest of the harvest at a road side stand. This often works well, because many people would rather buy very fresh fruit from a home grower than to purchase them from a large food chain store. bocoranadminriki

One of the issues that happens when you have fruit trees is that wild animals love them. They forage around in the forest for food and if they are able to reach the area in which your trees are, they will certainly be drawn to them. splitacdubai

There are many different animals that love fruit trees and they can damage a tree in many ways. Each sort of animal needs to be kept away by using various methods; if not, a tree can be so damaged that it may not produce any fruit for the season and some may eventually die off. kjro

One of the most common issues are small animals. These can be rodents such as field mice, wild rabbits, skunks and more. They often love to build a nest at the base of a fruit tree. This most often happens with older, established trees that have large trunks and lots of nooks and crannies for them to make a home. They set up camp there and then their food supply is either right above them if they can climb or they will eat any fallen fruit. ofiz.lrb

One popular way to avert this problem is to set up fencing around your fruit trees when you plant them. There are many different sorts of fencing and it will in part depend on which type of wild animals you have living in your area. lytron

It can be done with an older tree, however one will need to first chase away or trap any existing animals that have set up home and then when they are sure that all are gone, fencing can then be put around each individual tree. This is done is the shape of a circle around the trunk or for the owner of a long row of trees or a small orchard, fencing can be erected around the entire area. qau

Larger creatures such as deer can damage a fruit tree within just minutes. They are often big enough to reach all of the lower hanging branches and can gnaw at the trunk with teeth sharper than imagined. As with smaller creatures, deer can also be kept away with fencing, however due to their size if you do have this issue; it is recommended to fence off the perimeter of your fruit tree area. animeloved

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