What Anime is About

Anime is the new feature in cartoon history. They are basically cartoons that are more animated digitally and usually are from Japan. kaufen sie k2 online The word anime is literally a short term of the word animation and because it is Japanese, it comes down to anime.

Anime is usually fictional based cartoons and some even portray mystical and supernatural beings that we reading story books and fictional novels. Because they are Japanese a lot of martial art does prop up with a lot of action scenes involving sword play, guns and martial arts weaponry. Anime dates back to 1917 in Japan which is when the first Japanese animation was first created. Known as Japanimation the cartoons started to be translated in English first before changing some of them to talk fully in English, though most people prefer the original ones with English subtitles, to the ones which actually speak in English.

Anime became huge due to the fact that the internet was born and offered a chance to more people getting to see these Japanese animations first hand through the various websites. The US and UK took interest in the cartoons and then in spread worldwide and got a lot fans. Usually anime4up the characters are made to look western like with the ladies eyes either being big and blue, while the male characters eyes are usually smaller and actually look much closer to Japanese compared to the women.

The head of the anime cartoon character usually varies but it can be big or small but the body stays the same. This style of drawing of cartoons animation is different from the western ones but it is truly art at work. Many of these anime are usually downloaded from the internet and watching the visual effects and fight scenes jiliko is usually exciting.


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