How to Spot a Loser Guy

Do you always seem to attract a loser because you can’t tell if a guy is one or not? Are you tired of men who can’t even pay for your dinner? Are you sick of dating guys who seem to have no future? If you want to end up with a nice, kind, and responsible man who will be faithful to you forever, you have to learn how to spot a loser guy and stay away. Here are some sure signs that a guy is a loser.

1. He can’t take you to his place. This perhaps because he doesn’t have one, or he has one but he hasn’t cleaned it in ages. Worse, he might be married. tossncook

2. He drives a noisy car. This may be a sign of immaturity (does he really need a noisy muffler?) and can be a sign that he values his machismo too much. Mature, responsible guys usually drive more “polite” cars.
3. He disappears for days or weeks without ever telling you what he’s up to. Loser!

4. He still doesn’t have his own credit card. He probably has no job or has a very bad credit score.

5. He lives on the “what ifs” and dreams, zmiiv but never seems to follow through with real action.

6. You’ll know a guy is a loser when he can’t sit through a quiet dinner without having to go off to do “something” – like smoke, or call someone else on the phone. This is a sure sign that you don’t have his full attention.

7. His hygiene is bad. Perhaps he smells bad, hoodpay or doesn’t seem to brush his teeth. The guy does not have to be perfect all the time, but when he knows he will go out on a date with you, he has to show some effort. He could shower and wear a clean shirt.

8. His friends are all obviously losers. You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. If all his friends are jobless, useless men sitting around drinking beer on a Monday afternoon, rnkhabri you can be pretty sure that he is, too.

9. He borrows money from you.

10. He can’t keep a job.

Last tip: Always follow your intuition. If there’s just something about him that you can’t put your finger on, stay away. For all you know, he may be a violent person, or worse, Rare movies on DVD an axe murderer. Your gut will never lie.

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